What I Learned Last Year


Believe it or not, I’m writing this on my birthday almost a year before you’re reading this now.  Because it’s the best way I could come up with to remind myself that the frenzied freaking out about my birthday is not only not helpful, the crazy thoughts I get about people not caring are just not true.  So there ya go!

ETA: The birthday is in a couple weeks but I wanted to be sure to post this reminder on this day so I don’t spend 2 weeks freaking out.

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  1. Thanks! My birthday is actually the 18th but after freaking out so much before my birthday last year, I got the great idea to schedule a post a couple weeks ahead of time reminding myself that it will all be fine. So far, so good! I know there will be blips in the next couple weeks but I also know I’ll be fine, and so will everyone inside.


    • That’s right, I remember that your birthday is shortly after mine. Even though October is a loaded month for many trauma survivors, thankfully its only issue for me is my birthday and I really like having an October birthday. By the time our birthdays roll around the leaves have changed a lot and I love that.

      Kali (pka Michelle)


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