I, Kali (the host), am 100% certain this system is certainly larger than I know, but here is what I do know:

Michelle, given name to this body by the parents (which is 40-some years old)
Charlie, 2 or 3

Sami, preschool age
*Rachel, 6
*Mara, 8

Cristina, 11
Genevieve, 13
Jonny/Farrah, 11-15 (shift between gender and amongst age range)
Tommy, 14
*David, 16
***Cait, 17 but wise beyond her years (aging perhaps?)
***Joss, 19

**Rhiannon, not sure of age, seems to be somewhere between 25 and 35)
Erich, 20s
Richard, 34
Keith, 37
****Kali (Kalerine), 35ish and aging with the body
**Robert, 40s?

**Gloria, 50s
“MB,” true name unknown, middle aged
Village Chief, ageless and faceless

The asterisks indicate how much certain of us are in front at any given time. This update is on 23 September 2012. I, Kali, am out the most. Cait  and Gloria switch pretty seamlessly with me and each other. Joss’ appearances aren’t so seamless (she’s usually rather disruptive) but she is out quite a bit. Rachel, Mara and Rhiannon are out somewhat less, although Rhiannon is showing up more lately, especially now that she told us her name and is being braver about speaking up. David and Cristina are out even less, and the others considerably less if at all. Some in our system have shown themselves one or two times and have never been seen again. Richard used to be around quite a bit and was quite angry with DH (dear husband) and other men but has settled down tremendously. Robert used to inflict a fair amount of damage on the body or at least threaten it and has also settled down. I’ve never actually had any communication with Keith and as far as I know, no one else has either–the reason we know about him is because he spoke to our therapist. He also talked about “MB,” whom I have no clue about either.

DID systems are complicated and mysterious but I’m thankful for what I–what we–know about each other.

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